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Congrats to the Class of 2018!                    The first day of the 2018-19 school year is Monday, August 20th.

Principal's Message

 Gabrielino High School 

Welcome to Gabrielino High School!

People who know me well, know that I am a lover of quilts. Quilts tell the story of a region, family, or experience. Every quilt is the result of hours, days, sometimes even years of meticulous work. Quilts are made of multiple pieces, each with its own meaning, stitched together by hand and sewn onto a backing. They can be a reflection of the area the quilt maker is from, or of the person the quilt is made for. Regardless of the reason for its creation, the pieces of a handmade quilt will always carry meaning. Gabrielino opened its doors in 1994 and started with a teaching staff of 18. That original staff consisted of people who were not afraid of voicing what they believed was best for students. They were individuals who were able to mesh different ideas and experiences into shared expectations for the new school. They were the first patches in the fabric of the Gabrielino quilt.

In years that followed, new staff members were added. Like the first staff, they brought new voices, ideas, and experiences from the schools they had taught at. They were the next patches in the quilt. As the years passed programs were added, or expanded, and the school was, and continues to be recognized for academic and extracurricular excellence. The quilt continued to grow. Each school year GHS’ administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students strive to ensure our school is recognized not only in San Gabriel, but also at the state and national level. We have achieved this again, as evidenced by the accomplishments earned during the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Gabrielino was one of 275 schools named as a 2017 Gold Ribbon School, and one of 23 schools to earn a Gold Ribbon Exemplary Program in the Arts award.
  • Gabrielino is listed in the top 9% of high schools in the nation on the Washington Post High School Index for a seventh year
  • Newsweek magazine named Gabrielino as one of the “Top Schools who are Beating the Odds”
  • The Speech Team was awarded a School of Excellence Award for the 11th time in 13 years at the National Speech and Debate Championship Tournament. Only 12 schools in California, and 7 schools in Southern California, have ever won the award. Gabrielino has won it more than any other school in Southern California. The team also won their 20th straight league championship, is the number one speech program in Southern California, and won the prestigious Bruno E. Jacob award at the National Tournament. It was the first time since 1978 that a school in the southern half of California has won the award.
  • Girls’ Volleyball won their 14th league championship • Boys’ Basketball won their 6th straight league championship
  • Girls’ Varsity Soccer won their fourth straight Mission League Championship and played in the semifinal round of CIF play-off competition
  • Girls’ Basketball and Boy’s Swimming won league championships • Boy’s Track won their first league championship
  • Multiple league individual championships, league MVPs, multiple teams in CIF playoffs, and players selected to All Area Teams
  • The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) took students to the State and National Championships
  • The GHS Marching Band competed at the Southern California Orchestra and Band Championships, and the Orchestra and Choir earned gold and superior rankings at festivals.
  • 94% of the senior class will be pursuing post-secondary education; 55% of the class will be attending four year colleges and universities and 39% will be attending two-year colleges.

Over the last eight years I have asked the GHS community to “Go Forward”, “Live the Vision”, “Be the Difference”, demonstrate “Excellence in Action”, “Be Original”, focus on “Inspiring Imagination”, to “Think Big”, and focus on “Creating Opportunities.” Each theme is a thread that connects the many patches of the GHS quilt. Each patch has a story to tell and represents what has been accomplished over the last 23 years. Each theme spoke to where we were as a school in that particular year. The 2017-2018 school year finds GHS preparing for a WASC accreditation visit in March, and continuing our work on school and district initiatives. The district technology initiative has enabled all students to interact with content through embedded technology on one to one devices. GHS site level teams will continue to analyze data to determine how best to meet the needs of our English Language Learners, expand CTE pathways for career and college readiness, and ensure that Gabrielino students complete A-G requirements. Each of these initiatives illustrates our school theme for 2017-2018. These programs are happening “Right Here, Right Now” for Gabrielino students.

GHS has always been a unique place to learn. We have accomplished this by not being afraid to take risks. I invite our parent and booster organizations to continue to focus their work on support for our students. Each year our parent groups award scholarships, provide resources for our athletes, support our musicians at field shows and choral competitions, and provide judges and concessions at speech and debate tournaments. I am grateful to all of them for their commitment and dedication to the GHS community. They are always “Right Here, Right Now” for our students.

I am blessed and honored to work with an amazing group of people. Gabrielino’s teachers, staff, students and parents are exceptional. I can’t wait to see what patches we will all add to GHS’ growing quilt.

Sharron Heinrich


2017-2018 Theme: Right Here Right Now 

School Motto: Pride-Tradition-Honor 

Mission of Gabrielino: A Commitment to Constant And Never-Ending Improvement (CANI) 

Vision Statement: Building Upon the Strengths, Talents, and Passions of all Students