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Registration Guidelines

Registration hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and by appointment only!  Call Annette Rodgers at (626) 573 2453 ext 2316 to set an appointment.  Contact GHS registrar Ruben Arteaga by e-mail:

Please preregister at

To resume registration once you have set up your account, click here:

This same information is also under the New Student Enrollment tab.

Families are required to meet all registration requirements in order for a student to be enrolled in the San Gabriel Unified School District. Students will not be allowed to attend school until all requirements are met.

All students must provide three (3) proofs of residency within the District boundaries.  Owning or renting a residence in San Gabriel but residing elsewhere does not qualify the student to attend San Gabriel schools.

A student residing within the district must submit legal documentation that he/she lives with a parent or caregiver within the San Gabriel Unified School District or is in a court-appointed care of a licensed foster care if not residing with a relative.


  1. Parent/Guardian Photo Identification
  2. Three (3) current proofs of residency from the list below*
  3. Original Birth Certificate or Passport
  4. Proof of Immunizations (California Immunization record) 
  5. Grade 9-12 Official Transcripts or Grade 8 or most recent grade report and test scores
Proofs of Residency*
Choose ONE (1) of the following:
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Closing Escrow Statement
  • Property Tax Bill with payment receipts
  • Rental property contract or lease (NOTE: statements must be current & list ALL occupant’s names with the landlord's name, address, and phone numbers)
AND TWO (2) of the following:
  • Gas bill or connection/deposit receipt
  • Edison (electricity) bill or connection/deposit receipt
  • Water bill or connection/deposit receipt
  • Trash bill or connection/deposit receipt
  • Cable bill or connection/deposit receipt
  • Pay stubs
  • Correspondence from a government agency
(NOTE: Phone bills are NOT accepted)
If submitting a connection/deposit receipt, an actual bill must follow within one month.