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First day of 2nd semester: Tue, Jan 8 (regular full day schedule)
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English Department

Use the following links to find information about Shakespeare.
The Life & Work of Shakespeare - biography of Shakespeare
Shakespeare Online - a biography of Shakespeare, key dates & study guides
Shakespeare Resource - plot summaries & analyses of themes
Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature -  literature from Medieval, Renaissance & the 17th century
Elizabethan Costumes - information on Elizabethan costumes
Use the following links to find information on the 1920s including topics on Prohibition, the Great Depression, and the Harlem Renaissance.   
Gilder Lehrman's Roaring Twenties - timelines, multimedia & primary sources 
 Al Capone Biography - information on the life of the notorious Al Capone
History Channel's Roaring Twenties - video clips, audio clips & background information on various 1920s topics
History Channel's Stock Market Crash of 1929 - background information on the stock market crash of 1929, videos & speeches during the Great Depression