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Congratulations to the GHS BOYS TRACK & FIELD team - league champions!  Due to unforeseen circumstances, this weekend'sā€‹ play, The Frogs, has been cancelled.

MLA (Noodle Tools) & Web Site Evaluation

Information Literacy: According to the American Library Association (ALA), information literacy is the cornerstone of lifelong learning. An information literate person is able to access needed information, evaluate it critically, and use it effectively to achieve a specific purpose.
Noodle Bibliography (Citation Help Web site) - MLA 8, the last edition, is now available on Noodle Tools!  Cite over 75+ different sources & export citations into Word or Google Docs Student Video Tutorials - watch video tutorials on registering for & submitting assignments
Purdue Owl MLA Guide - use OWL to help you format parenthetical citations
Purdue Owl: Avoiding Plagiarism -  learn tips to avoid plagiarism
CRAAP Test to Evaluating Web Sites - use the CRAAP checklist to decide if you should use a Web site
Web Site Evaluation Tips - check out UC Berkeley's Web site evaluation tips