Concert Band-Period 0-2nd Semester Assignments

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Duets!  in Google Classroom


You will be working with another musician for this assignment.
1. Choose a duet that works for both players (I would start with, but you can definitely try other websites as well)
-Please choose a duet that is within your level of playing (no beginning level pieces!)
2. Record your duet! Can be either video or audio only, but both recordings need to be on one video.
-You can record your parts on Zoom, and put them together in iMovie, etc. There is also an app called Trackd that can sync audio recordings. If you need help with this, please let me know!
3. Each person needs to upload their recording to Google Classroom!


Composition Assignment #2 in Google Classroom

Composition Assignment #2


Digital Field Trip: The Hollywood Bowl  in Google Classroom

Digital Field Trip: The Hollywood Bowl

Follow the directions posted on the Google Form to complete a digital field trip for the Hollywood Bowl. For the last task, you will need to complete and upload the attached Google Doc.