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Sunny D Gives 100% as National Semi-Finalist

Nicknames are certainly a part of the Gabrielino Speech and Debate History.   There may not have ever been one that has had more broad appeal than “Sunny D”.  Sure, they named a beverage after him, but having your nickname called at your school’s senior awards night and at the National Speech and Debate Championships is much greater than getting zero royalties from an orange drink that contains less than 1% orange juice.

After his four years as a huge part of GabSpeech, Gabriel “Sunny D” Sundaramoorthy has left an incredible mark that will last for generations to come.

During the online covid experience, Sunny D once entered two different tournaments, in two different states on the same day.  He performed 18 speeches on one Saturday in November.  He even gave one of his debate speeches in one state during his extemp prep time in another state.

The lore surrounding Sunny only grewa when everyone came back from quarantine.  Rumor has it that Sunny D once accepted the School of Excellence Trophy for Gabrielino.

Sunny AwardSome say, Sunny D can do it all.   Some disagree.  “My sister says I can’t do interp,” Sunny jokes.  “But I talk about Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  Those two characters are just like two old guys arguing at the local donut shop at 7am.  That’s humorous interp right there.”

It is only fitting that Sunny D was the farthest advancing Screamin’ Eagle at the 2023 National Speech and Debate Association National Championships.   After giving 12 speeches, he fell just short of The Finals and was awarded 13th place in all of America in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.  He became the 12th entry from Gabrielino in Extemp to make it to the National Semi-Final round.

Since there have been 11 others from GabSpeech who have made it to the Semis of Extemp, it must not be that difficult.  Think about this:  Sunny was one of the three National Qualifiers this year from the East Los Angeles County District out of about 50 or so students who compete locally.   There are over 100 districts across America.  Each one sends between 1 to 4 students.  There were almost 300 students in Sunny’s event who had qualified for the Championships.  Sunny placed higher than all but 12 of them.  

The three-time National Qualifier took his previous experiences at Nats to make his mark this year.  “I didn’t make it past prelims the first two times.” the senior and GabSpeech co-captain stated.  “ So I worked really hard and had great coaches and teammates helping me.  This week has been a great experience and a fun ride to semis.  I’m sad to have my speech career come to an end but I’m thrilled it happened this way surrounded by my speech family.”

One of the Screamin’ Eagles coaching staff said of Sunny, “he has been an excellent captain and a fantastic competitor.   He loves this team.  There will be a huge hole when we get to the first day of school and Sunny and his fellow captains aren’t in my office.  It’ll be tough.” 

Sunny D may not have quite the lore of Billy The Kid or Paul Buyon - yet.  But the history of The Screamin’ Eagles will not be complete without the stories of Gabriel “Sunny D” Sundaramoorthy: The guy who gives 100% effort, not the drink that only gives you 1% juice.

Congrats National Semi-Finalist Sunny D



Rachel giving speech

Seniors Speak at Graduation

It’s good to get back to normal.   Once again, the Garielino graduation was held, in person, at the world famous Santa Anita Racetrack.  And once again, the Screamin’ Eagles seniors were giving speeches at the ceremony.  Very normal, but very special.

With a backdrop of the incredible San Gabriel Mountains, the Screamin’ Eagles led their

Sunny Speech

classmates in their final high school event.

Team Co-Captain Gabriel “Sunny D” Sundaramoorthy gave one of the most memorable Flag Salute Speeches in recent years.  The United States flag has been around for well over 200 years and Sunny

D paid exceptional tribute to such an integral part of the American education system.

Standing just a few feet from the actual racetrack that has seen breathtaking performances from legendary horses, GabSpeech member Rachel Young used her time behind the podium to link the incredibly unique four years of the Class of 2023’s high school journey to the four turns at Santa Anita. 


A journey that started out normal and went to zoom school back to hybrid and then slowly back to normal has been an one of a kind experience for everyone involved.  The Screamin’ Eagles seniors and the rest of their class faced the challenges and changes of the world with great pride and honor.  And they upheld past traditions and created new ones.

Great job seniors.   We wish you all the best!!!!  

Photos by Mr. Yuhadi Sundaramoorthy and Mrs. Sharon Liu





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