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Parent Page

Volunteer Opportunities

Involved Parents Make a Difference. We always welcome parental interest in this program. There are several ways you can help this team continue to offer the best experience for our students.

Selling Food

We need parents to come and volunteer to sell food at our concession stands for the tournaments at Gabrielino.

Donating Food

We need to make sure we have food to sell in our concession stands for the tournaments at Gabrielino.

For Each Tournament We Host at Gabrielino

We ask that each student bring in the week of the tournament:

  • A 12 pack of soda OR
  • A case of water OR
  • A box of little bags of chips OR
  • A box of cup of noodles

Judging a Tournament

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. You will do just fine. We don’t want to train our students to only speak in front of “trained professionals”. We want them to be able to speak and communicate with everyone. Students can’t enter tournaments without judges. You judging allows our team to compete and allows you to see what we do on the weekends. You will NOT judge your child, but you will be impressed by the abilities and courage of the young people you will judge.