Gabrielino High School

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SEMESTER FINALS! 12/18, 12/19, and 12/20.  Winter break Dec 23 through Mon, Jan 6.  2nd semester begins Tues, Jan 7.

PTSA Reflection Art Program winners announced!

Congratulations to the winners in the PTSA Reflection Art Program! 9 winners were selected from the 66 entries submitted from GHS. This year’s winners are:

1st Place and moving onto First District Judging:

Film- Adrian Paxson (Slow Dancing in the Dark)

Literature- Cady Ngo (Mirroring the Stars)

Visual Art- Emily Han (Vision)

Special Artist- Alec Francis (Look Within)


2nd Place:

Film- Nicole Tanaka (It's Not the End of the World)

Literature- Hana Thai (Behind the Tents)

Visual Art- Riley Sparnicht (Unravel)


3rd Place:

Literature- Kyra Yoshitani (Home Sweet Home)

Visual Art- Moya Hoard (Perseverance)