"Randell's Last Football Game"/Celebration of Life - August 20th at 10:00am

Randell McNair's memorial will be held Saturday, August 20th beginning at 10:00am in Eagles Stadium on the Gabrielino campus.

Randell McNair

Dear all, 

It is with a heavy heart and incredible sadness that I inform you of Randell McNair's passing this Saturday. As many of you know, Randell began working as Security Staff at Gabrielino High School in 2009.

Randell was a tremendous asset to our school community. He had an uncanny ability to connect with scholars and families to provide support in even the most difficult of circumstances. His strength and very presence made those around him feel cared for and safe.  Randell was an artist and an athlete; he was a great on-the-spot rapper and a talented thespian, and he loved spending time in the weight room. Randell was a pillar at Gabrielino and was a full participant in our school community.

As I share and try to process this news, I'm reminded of a quote by Emily Dickinson: "unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality". I know that Randell will be forever loved by our community.

We are in communication with his family and will share additional memorial information as it becomes available.

In solidarity,
-Negar Mizani
Principal, Gabrielino High School