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Athletic Information and Online Program

Steps to get clearance for Athletics at GHS: 
1.  Print out the Athletic Physical Card below, fill it out and take it the Physical Appointment to have the doctor sign in the section titled, "HEALTH STATEMENT."
2. Print out the Parent Residence Statement form below and fill it out. 
3.  Go to and set up an account.  There is an instructional video to help guide you through the process.
4.  Once you're set up, you can upload the completed Athletic Physical Card and the Parent Residence Statement onto your Athletic Clearance account.  
        * If you don't have a scanner, you can take a picture of the Athletic Physical Card and the Parent Residence Statement, and use that to upload into your account.
        * We will NOT be accepting any paper submissions. 
4.  As the video says, you will need to have insurance.  If you don't currently have medical insurance, you can go to this website:
5.  Once you complete your Athletic Clearance, the website will give you a confirmation.  You can print it for your own records but we will not be requiring or accepting printed confirmations.  
6.  For any questions or concerns, you can email our athletic directors:
* The Athletic Clearance website also allows you to make a donation to your favorite GHS sports program.  You can do so there or any time at our ASB Store.