MLA Citations (Noodle Tools & Turnitin) & Website Evaluation

Cite over 75+ different sources with accuracy,
copy & paste citations & directly export citations into Google docs
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overview on registering, starting new projects & creating citations
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New!  Introducing Turnitin Draft Coach (a Google doc add-on)
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STUDENTS: CLICK HERE for instructions on how to add Draft Coach to Google docs.
overview of registering, submitting assignments & viewing similarity reports
MLA Citations
Need help with MLA format?  Check out the links below.
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learn how to create in-text citations, work cited pages &
view sample work cited pages
learn the format for annotated bibliographies & view samples
video clip overview of MLA formatting
video clip overview of MLA in-text citations
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Valencia College
features color-coded citation guides for online resources
Evaluating Online Sources
learn how to SIFT through online information & read laterally 
short video tutorial on how to use Wikipedia effectively