Gabrielino High School

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9th Grade Information

All 9th grade students will be enrolled in College Prep Transition/Health as a required part of their 9th grade schedule.  These courses provide valuable information on college planning, technology, college and career readiness, as well as all mandated health curricula.  Please see the outline below for unit topics in College Prep Transition.

Unit 1 - Transitioning to GHS

  • Account activation for Google Classroom, Google Drive and Gmail (
  • Review of Technology Agreement
  • Getting to know GHS (history, campus map, library, important dates, traditions event descriptions)
  • Presentation by ASB including campus tour

Unit 2 - Study Skills (with Topic: Social Media)


Unit 3 - My Four Year Plan

  • Review Naviance with College and Career Counselor
  • Naviance goal setting for college and career readiness
  • Explore GHS Course Guide and develop 4 year plan
  • Review A-G and GHS graduation requirements

Unit 4 - Pursuing the Path to College

  • Research college entrance requirements and programs in Naviance
  • Identify potential colleges and majors of interest using Naviance college search tools
  • Attend a college presentation in the College and Career Center
  • Explore community college and Career Technical Education options with College and Career Counselor
  • Tour a college/university campus

Unit 5 - Research (College and Career Readiness)

  • Review Copyright and Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizenship (IKeep Safe)
  • Explore Media Center resources and research skills with GHS Librarian
  • Students will research a college and career readiness topic to present to the class

Unit 6 - Financial Success and Business 

  • Financial Literacy including personal budgeting
  • Business marketing practices
  • Fieldwork photojournalism investigating community businesses
  • Group project business plan and presentation

Unit 7 - My Professional Career(+Research)

  • Naviance Career Interest Profiler
  • Personality  and career assessments
  • CACareer Backpack to Briefcase focused on soft skills, communication, teamwork, time management, customer service scenario, resume, business card, professionalism, interview
  • Job skills including mock interviews and applications
  • Create professional email
  • Develop resume in Naviance
  • Video Conferences with working professionals

Unit 8 - My Freshman Reflection

  • Revisiting 4 Year Plan
  • Students create a Canva poster diary or video diary
  • Complete ePortfolios
  • Letters of advice to incoming freshmen (last year’s advice)
 All college and career readiness documents are accessible in the Naviance Document Library.