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Congratulations GEMR drum captain CALEB SIGUENZA, rep GHS in the Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band in the 2020 Rose Parade!
Counselor's Corner » GHS Graduation Requirements

GHS Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements: (210 credits)
English: 4 Years 40 Credits
Math: (Algebra Readiness, Algebra, Geometry or higher) 2 Years 20 Credits (2 years of different math)
Life Science: ( Biology or higher) 1 Year  10 Credits
Physical Science: (Chemistry, or higher) 1 Year 10 Credits 
Physical Education: (9th & 10th grades and must pass Physical Fitness Exam)
2 Year
20 Credits 
World History: (10th grade) 1 Year 10 credits 
U.S. History: (11th grade) 1 Year 10 Credits 
Government: (12th grade) 1 Semester  5 Credits 
Economics: (12th grade) 1 semester  5 Credits 
Fine Arts: (Intro Art, Advanced Drama, Choir, Wind Ensemble, Band, Orchestra,
Foreign Language, Art in Motion, Oral Interpretation,Vocal Ensemble, and all CTE classes)
1 Year
10 Credits
Other Electives:   70 Credits 
    Total 210 credits to graduate
Most classes are for 1 year. Each class earns 5 credits per semester (10 credits per year) with a “D” grade or higher.    
You MUST have a “C” grade or higher in the A – G subject courses for college entrance eligibility.