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8th grade course lists

Core Classes


Honors ELA grade 9 – Entrance requirements


Enrollment based iReady and SBAC scores, in addition to writing a sample submission.


Placement into course determined by English 1 Honors teacher and number of sections offered will be determined in collaboration between administration and English 1 Honors teacher.  Summer reading/assignment required.



Ninth grade students are will be placed into math courses based on school and state student achievement data. Most ninth grade students take algebra or geometry.


Honors biology

Student selection determined by SBAC test scores—priority to students who score advanced on both math and English SBAC assessments.


The number of sections offered will be determined in collaboration between administration, teacher, and science department chair.


Instrumental Music: Melissa Romero, director

Marching Band/Concert Band:  2-3 years participation in middle school or high school band. Students must be able to read printed sheet music for the instrument they intend to play in the ensemble. Class requires attendance at two-week summer band camp prior to the start of the school year.  Concert Band Auditions for chair placement will be held during the second week of the school year, and placement within the ensemble and section will be based on teacher approval. (No Guitar.)  Only students who complete both semesters will meet the college requirement for VAPA.


Jazz Band (all year): Placement in ensemble based on participation and citizenship standing in marching band, audition, and by teacher approval.


String Orchestra (all year): 2-3 years participation in middle school or high school orchestra. Students must be able to read printed sheet music for the instrument they intend to play in the ensemble. Class placement will be done by recommendations of middle school orchestra teacher. Auditions for chair placement within the ensemble and section will be held during the second week of the school year. (No guitar.)


Choir: David Pitts, director (audition with David Pitts or JMS Choir Director)


Vocal Ensemble (beginning mixed) – Freshmen and all first time choral students.  No audition or prerequisite.


Speech and Debate: Derek Yuill, director

Beginning Speech is a prerequisite for Advanced Speech.


Students can take Beginning Speech in the summer. If they choose, they may then enroll in Advanced Speech in the fall.


Students do NOT take Beginning Speech in the summer may enroll in Beginning Speech in the fall.


Some students in Beginning Speech (school year course), in the past, have been moved from Beginning Speech to Advanced Speech at the end of the first semester.



Other Electives


Yearbook: Phil Zamora, advisor

A or B in English or previous experience in Yearbook.


The Gabrielino Yearbook Staff is now taking applications for the 2020-21 publication. In order to be considered for the staff you must complete the following:


  • Enroll in the google classroom. Class code: (TBA)
  • Fill out application
  • Interview


Interviews will be held during the week of April 30th. The class list will be posted to the Google classroom during the week of May 28th.


If you have any questions, please email Mr. Zamora.


Journalism – A or B in English class.


Peer Helping – notify counselor and submit application (available from the counselor at pre-registration)


Python - simple intro computer programming language. 1 year course covers basics all the way up to graphics and animation.


Visual Arts:  To view various art samplings, go to Art with Ross


Intro to Art (no prerequisite) can be completed in the summer prior to enrolling at Gabrielino through SEF summer program.


A regular ninth grade schedule would consist of the following six classes:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • College Prep Transition/Health
  • PE
  • Elective



A student choosing to take seven classes can select up to two elective classes.




0005  Six Classes (period 1-6) begins @ 8:00 am (regular schedule)

0004  Six Classes (period 0-5) begins @  7:00 am

0000  Seven Classes (period 0-6) begins @ 7:00 am


STEP TWO: CHOOSE one class and two alternates (if taking 7 classes, choose two classes and one alternate)


5010  Spanish 1 (college prep)

5250  Mandarin 1 (college prep)

7000  Intro to Art (college prep) [no pre-requisite]

7105  Pageantry

7106  Orchestra (college prep)

7109  Marching Band/Concert Band

7107  Music Appreciation

7230  Vocal Ensemble (college prep)

7300  Drama 1 (college prep)

7510  Woodcraft 1

3823  Python

9000  Journalism

9010  Yearbook

9020  Beginning Speech

9030  Advanced Speech (college prep) [pre-r: Beginning Speech]

9070  Peer Helping (application required for peer helping)




1st Choice: _______________


2nd Choice: _______________


Alternate: ________________




The San Gabriel Unified School District prohibits unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student by anyone, based on the student's actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status or pregnancy, physical or mental disability,  sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics at any district school, school activity, program and/or employment. All inquiries or concerns regarding discrimination, equity and Title IX complaints or issues should be directed to the Deputy Superintendent of Educational Services (Discrimination/Equity and Title IX Coordinator) at (616) 451-5400, 408 Junipero Serra Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776.


If you would like to schedule an appointment with your child’s counselor after May 1st, please call the GHS Student Center at (573-2453) x 2316 or email:


Counselors by student last names:


A-Diaz: Monica Hagge

Diep-Lai: Diana Bustamante

Lam-Ngo:  Jackie Borja

Ngu-Terr: Amanda Ly      

Thai-Z: Chris Saporito

College and Career Counselor: Jocelyn Machado


The goal of the counseling department of GHS is to schedule every student for success.  The counselor, student, and family will consider student goals and aspirations, prior testing, past classroom performance, and level of courses in planning for each year’s course of study. A maximum of 40 credits may be taken in a semester.




English = 4 years (2 semesters and 10 credits each year)

Mathematics = 2 years (including Algebra)

World History = 1 year

U.S. History = 1 year

Government = 1 semester /Economics = 1 semester

Life Science course = 1 year (Biology or Anatomy)

Physical Science course = 1 year (Chemistry, Physics, Conceptual Physics)

Physical Education = 2 years (PE, sports, athletic conditioning)

Fine Arts or Foreign Language = 1 year

Electives = 70 credits (each semester of any course is worth 5 credits)




The UC and CSU systems have identical entrance requirements which are known as the A-G requirements.  They are as follows, for both systems:


  • two (2) years of history/social science
  • four (4) years of English
  • three (3) years of mathematics with at least Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2
  • two (2) years of laboratory science (Bio and Chemistry or Physics)
  • two (2) years or level 2 of the same foreign language
  • one (1) year of visual/performing arts (drama, choir, music, oral interpretation, or art)
  • one (1) year of college prep elective


It should be noted that these are the minimum entrance requirements for both systems.  The UC/CSU systems have always and will continue to recommend that students have an additional year of mathematics, science and foreign language.  The UC also expects students to be enrolled in mathematics in their senior year.


The majority of private universities have the same eligibility requirements as the UC/CSU systems although some may recommend an additional year or two in foreign language, math or science. Students are encouraged to research the individual private university websites for their requirements and plan their high school courses accordingly.  We encourage students to discuss their interest in private universities with their counselors as early as possible.